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The Best School Management Mobile App

School Earth Mobile App is the best school management mobile app designed for better interaction between student, teachers, parents, and management..

Steps to Use Mobile App

1. At the Top of the Page Click on Download Link to Download the App.
2. After Installation of App In Icon Named SchoolEarth will be available on your phone.
3. Open the App.
4. You have received a message from School which contains Admission No , Date of Birth of your ward and a Parent Password.
5. Your Ward's Admission No is UserName, Date of Birth is Password. Your Mobile no in which you received the message in the Third field asking for Mobile No. and click on Student then Click on Login
6. After Validating Your Ward's Credential , You will be asked to login As a Student or Parent , Please Click on Parent.
7. Use your Parent Password which you received in message for Login to Make Payment Online.
8. Click on Student and then Login .
9. See Below in Pics .

Click on the Menu and Click on Payment .

Now Choose Your Ward on Select Box.

Click on Months to Pay Below you can view your Total Amount TO Pay.

Click on Pay you see your Final Payment. Now Click On Yes Pay it.

You will be redirect to Payment Page. Choose your Payment Method , Eneter your Payment type Details and submit.

After Successfull Payment you will Receive Payment Successfull message. You can view in Payment Report Section of your Successfull or Failed payment Details.

Student Information

Student’s details regarding admission details, real time reports, everyday attendance, activity monitoring, records of examination and marks are organized that provides a favorable handling environment for school management system. Student data handling module is the major attraction of this app.

Parent/Teacher Login

  • Helps parents to be in touch with school activities through Mobile App for Schools, thereby helping them to know what is going on!
  • Ensures parents always receive notes.
  • Help them to know the upcoming school events, especially good for both working parents.
  • Inform parents when events are rained out, or change in weather condition thereby avoids frustration.


Manage examinations, publish results and report card online management modules create teacher & admin workers easier and productive.

Messaging System

Modern two-way engagement of Teachers, Admins, Students and Parents brings built-in effective and productive method of communication.